Sunday, 6 December 2015

Lean Manufacturing

It is a process through which waste and loss i.e.cost is minimised as a result quantity or services are increased i.e. profit or sharings are maximised.
This process may be applied in almost all fields of manufacturing,services,etc.
There are different models to deal with Lean Management.e.g. for manufacturing unit, we may broadly adopt following models:
a)Production: It should be neither over production nor short production wrt demand in the market.
b)Inventory Level: It must be at economic level so that cash conversion cycle for the manufacturer is minimum.
c) Work in Progress : This must be at optimal level in order to not hamper the production.
d) Matching of production in line: All machines installed in line must be matched with each other in capacity and inter process time must be sufficient and economical. Time management must adhere upon to avoid time loss for each job/store,etc.
d)Fuel such as coal,diesel,electricity,gas,etc must be economically utilised to avoid wastage or over costing.
e) Standart quality of tools,machines,skilled mechanics,etc must be deployed so that defect in products minimised as well as parts repair time is minimal.
f)Logistic must be efficiently managed so that neither production nor supply chain may hamper.

There are much more models to deal with, the above are few examples.
    Before applying Lean Tools,the Lean Management Team have to study the working at place,delivery,etc in details.There are various models which may be suited for different organisation differently.The tools may be applied very cautiously taking confidence of management and workforce, so that they may co operate and the result is positive.

This is not the end of what Lean Manufacturing is !

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